A Cornish Homecoming

A new beginning

This is the story of the reconnection of a friendship and now an ongoing love affair.

This site will be a record of Ruth’s poems and Terry’s photographs.
It will cover their homeland Cornwall and their travels.
Ruth was born in Quintrell Downs, near Newquay to Edna & Hugh Tremayne. 
She lived for twenty years in Birmingham and moved to New York City in 1993. 
Terry was born in St Day to Audrey & Charlie Harry and lived most of his life in Cornwall. 
In February 2020 Terry created a free website called cornwallyesteryear.com for
those unable to enjoy the beauty of Cornwall because of their isolation during Covid. 
Without her knowledge, Ruth’s brother-in-law John Webb, in Canada sent a poem to the website
that Ruth had written about growing up in Quintrell Downs, which was on the website. 
Terry recognized Ruth’s Cornish surname and remembered her from their time
working together in Barclays Bank Trust Company in Truro in the late 1960s. 
Many hours were spent on transatlantic phone calls and Zoom calls from April 2020.
Finally they were reunited when Ruth visited for a holiday with Terry in June 2020.
They married in 2021 at the famous Gwennap Pit and now make their home in St Day,
and live very close to Terry’s 3 married children and 5 grandchildren.

This photo was taken by Ryan Harry

Wriiten by Ruth Harry

Where do fairy tales originate
And who’s the writer of the script
Is it just for childhood memories
Or are there adults in the mix

We met as teenage workers
Inside a Cornish bank
Our lives took different directions
And our storybook was blank

But a poem brought connection
A website was the source
Across the miles it happened
With a burning, yearning force

Two people on this planet
Yet 3000 miles they were apart
And found each other suddenly
Then a reunion was the start

Who knew that this could happen
In our senior years such love
Where two people find each other
And fit together like a glove

It’s the material of a novel
With our script that’s quite unique
After 50 years not knowing
Of a love that’s so complete

Terry & Ruth when they first met in the late 1960s